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Anonymous said: Sterek a/b/o where Derek is an Alpha trying to woo Stiles and Stiles is having none of it


"Now?" Derek heaves in a breath, punches the mermaid still writhing under his foot, and looks at Stiles expectantly.

"No!" Stiles snaps, binds the mermaid’s hands and glares up at Derek.

"I bought you out here for a romantic walk on the beach! You said you liked that shit on your facebook profile."

"I was being ironic!"

Derek snarls, steps on the mermaids tail until he stops writhing. “That’s just dumb.”

"Looking for ways to woo me is dumb, dude. I’m not dating you."

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this was such a good episode of orange is the new black





hot topic has some cool stuff but its embarrassing just walking in that store tbh

thank you so much for putting this into words 

Walk into hot topic like what up im not a scene kid

Walk into Hot Topic like what up i work there

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If someone wants a romantic relationship with little or no sex, let them.

If someone wants a sexual relationship with no romance, let them.

And if someone wants a completely platonic relationship with no romance or sex, FUCKING LET THEM.

Destroy the idea that a relationship must have sex and/or romance to be “real”.

And destroy the idea that platonic relationships are somehow “worth less”.

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