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One tweet perfectly calls out how the media portrays Black violence

On Saturday night, police armed with tear gas and pepper spray were called in to contain riots that broke out during a pumpkin festival in Keene, N.H. 
CNN reported that those involved — many of whom were students at nearby Keene State College — yelled expletives at police, started fires, flipped cars and tore down street signs. Video footage showed bonfires burning well into Sunday morning, as well as streets littered with broken bottles and debris. Dozens of arrests were made, and multiple ambulances reported to the area to help the injured.
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one of my favorite things about hiking is when i come across a strange structure deep in the woods and am left to wonder how and why and when

how: demons. why: demon portal. when: 5 pm demon time

it’s always 5pm demon time, somewhere
  • me: *walks into a restaurant wearing all black and smudged eyeliner*
  • me: *says "please" 800 times and smiles at small children*

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hand writing at the start of an exam


hand writing at the end of an exam


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Do you ever ‘wtf white people’ even though you are a white people.

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Here everyone have a bit of a Doctor that does care

This is how you write a grumpy Doctor without making him an ass

this comment ^^

look kids a brand new gender


gendercool: when you’re not a boy or a girl and you’re not entirely sure what your gender is but man you are cool

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there’s literally no point in teaching girls to be body positive if you only use men’s opinions for validation like “boys like girls with curves” nah get that the fuck out of here

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If u have never mentally claimed food and gotten really angry when someone takes it, you are lying

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